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Wanda Lanier
Executive Director

Barnabas Center, Inc. was established as a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization in 1986. Funding from churches, civic groups, charitable foundations, local businesses, and private individuals enables Barnabas Center is able to carry out its mission “To provide assistance to individuals and families in crisis throughout Nassau County”

Through its multiple programs, Barnabas strives toward realizing its vision – “To be the primary nonprofit resource in Nassau County providing assistance to connect individuals and families to services that will help them overcome crisis and achieve self-sufficiency.”

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On behalf of the staff and our clients, we wish to convey our heartfelt thank you for all the time and effort everyone has put forth to support our mission.

"To provide assistance to individuals and families in crisis throughout Nassau County"



Board of Directors:

Craig True

Julia Taylor
(Vice President)

Janice Ancrum

Dudley Benesch

Jim Adams

Susan Gottesmann-Jarzyna

Rev. Iva Iverson

Kathleen Ligare

Jim Mayo

Andy Scott

Zayda Serrano

Robert Williams

C. Patrick Zeorlin


Organization Overview

Barnabas Center, Inc. encompasses the Financial Crisis Assistance Program and Food Pantry, the "New To You" Resale Store, the Samaritan Medical Program and the Barnabas Dental Program - all located in Fernandina Beach. A small satellite office in Hilliard operates two mornings per week. The agency functions through a Board of Directors and is administered by a small staff. At the heart of the organization is a devoted pool of volunteers that assist with day to day operations.

Service Guidelines

As a private, non-profit, 501(c) (3) Barnabas Center, Inc. is funded by corporate, church, civic/private organizations and individual donations. Any resident from Nassau County may apply; however financial assistance is based on income, need and individual situations.

  • The financial crisis assistance program provides subsidies for past due rent and utility bills.
  • The Samaritan Medical Program provides free urgent medical care for qualifying adult patients without insurance and no ability to pay for care.
  • The Barnabas Dental Program provides low cost dental care for qualifying adult patients without dental insurance.
  • The Barnabas “New to You” resale store provides clothing, household items, furniture and a variety of additional items to those in need. Additionally, proceeds from the sale of items donated to our store help subsidize all Barnabas programming efforts

Examples of Barnabas Impacting The Community

"We would like to thank you and everyone at Barnabas Center. If it wasn't for your financial help, we don't know what we would have done. You went above and beyond for us. When we were down and out you were there for us. It was so hard to swallow our pride and ask for assistance. You listened to us and you cared about our well-being. Words cannot express how deeply we appreciate everything you have done for our family. We thank you from the bottom of your hearts."
-The M Family


“I’m writing to thank you for Crystal and Meg. They have gone far above and beyond any hopes and dreams I have ever had of getting my finances in order. We have established a budget for my spending. Crystal has shown me how to track my finances and how to get the medical attention I need. I have hope where there hasn’t been any for 20 years. I cannot thank them enough.”
- Ms. W.


A single mother of four was working two jobs and still could not afford the specialty dental care she needed for a severely infected tooth. The Barnabas dental program staff assisted her by contacting a partnering oral surgeon and securing his assistance in performing the procedure. She was able to afford the treatment because he charged her the Barnabas Dental Program rate instead of his rate as an oral surgeon. The dental program helped her obtain the care that she critically needed, and she returned to work at her second job much sooner than she thought possible.


When Mr. L presented at the Barnabas Medical program he had lumps along his neck that he indicated had been there for several months. He shared that he had noticed some new ones recently. Mr. L. employed but does not have medical insurance. One of the volunteer medical practitioners examined Mr. L. and ordered blood tests to be done that evening. The program coordinator received a call from the hospital lab the next morning. Mr. L. was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia; the medical program staff began working immediately to connect with help…and hope by arranging for him to receive treatment with a partnering cancer specialist.


Grandparents, who had just been made guardians of five grandchildren all under the age of six, came to Barnabas seeking assistance because they lacked some of the essential necessities to provide d for the children. Barnabas was able to provide clothing, furniture, and other items for the family from its “New To You” resale store. Additionally, a case manager helped with the coordination of childcare and other ongoing support during their transition.



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Barnabas is located:
11 South 11th Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

(904) 261-7000

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